The STAR Project

This year, the Zones Safety & Teen Addition Renovation (STAR) Project will bring our well-loved, 74-year-old home the modifications and upgrades it needs to best serve our community.

This full revamp of our 15,000 sq. ft. space includes safety upgrades and floor plan modifications including: a separate entrance and spaces for teens (Grades 7-12), a new game room, meeting rooms, music & media studio, tech lounge, classrooms, professional kitchen, art studio, lunch area, reception, and modernized restrooms.

Our primary goal is to create a welcoming, safe, engaging space for youth on the East side of Santa Rosa.

Our new space will offer a multitude of programs in our 5 zones of enrichment:

  • Athletics - open gym, athletic leagues, camps and clinics
  • Academics - STEM, homework help, tutoring and literacy clubs and classes 
  • Creative Arts - painting, theater, performing arts, music classes and courses
  • Health & Wellness - Emotional and mental health support, student-led clubs and workshops
  • Life Skills & Workforce Readiness - Interview prep, resume building workshops, financial literacy and more

Currently, over 5,200 middle and high school students in East Santa Rosa do not have a safe place to go outside school hours where they can access positive enrichment programming and academic support. This project will provide the only after-school programming available to middle and high school students in our area.

The positive effects of after-school enrichment programs are well known:

  • A sense of belonging with peers and decreases in bullying and violence,
  • Increased math and reading grades and improved social skills,
  • Increased school attendance and graduation rates,
  • Decreased risky behaviors and juvenile crime,
  • Early exposure to the labor market,
  • Reduced academic achievement gaps benefiting disenfranchised populations.

Additional plans for our modified space include forming and engaging a Student Advisory Council to inform program and resource development, and offering workshops geared toward teen interests and future planning (e.g. coding, music and video recording, cooking, finances, etc.).  Interested in joining the council?  Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the project start?

Construction is planned to start late December 2023.

How long does construction last?

Construction is planned to last 8-9 months.  We hope to open the 2024/25 School Year in our new space in August 2024.

Will you remain operational during construction?
Yes.  Our builders have designed a plan to allow us to remain operational during construction by phasing the project.  We will occupy the gym and art room during the first part of construction while the main area of the building is being renovated.  Once Phase 1 is complete, we will transition into our new space and Phase 2 construction (the gym and the art room) will be completed.

What are some of the features the new space will have?

Our building is 74 years old and most of it is original construction, except for a few cosmetic upgrades.  We have very limited insulation, no centralized heating or air, and no modern safety elements.  The new space will include top of the line insulation with a new HVAC system, all new lighting, an open floor plan and modern networking.  Plus, every part of our building will be up to safety standards. 

Our new space will allow kids to see what's happening in other areas of the building to participate in more programming activities.  We'll have a new, state of the art kitchen for cooking projects and culinary programming, wide open creative arts room, as well as an influencer lab for social media enthusiasts, gaming lounge, and recording studio for emerging artists.  

Will bus and van transportation still be provided after school?

Yes.  We aim to have as little disruptions to our programming as possible.  We will still pick up from French American, Santa Rosa Arts Charter and Proctor Terrace, and all bus routes from RVUSD and BVUSD will still be in effect.  

How will you run programming during construction?
We will occupy the existing gym and art room while the rest of the building is being renovated.  This phase will be complete approximately June 2024.  At that time, we'll move into our new space while the gym and art room is renovated.  We will use these two rooms to run programming and activities for our members.  

Will you still serve K-6 after construction?

Yes!  We will serve kids grades kindergarten through 12th grade, with a separated space for grades 7-12.  Our younger members in grades K-6 will also have access to the the teen area when the area is not occupied for teen programming. 

The teen area will include equipment and activities targeted
for an older age group, such as gaming, recording studio, influencer studio, and a variety of classes, workshops and courses.