Get in theZone

Enriching young minds & empowering tomorrow’s leaders since 1949.

The Zones

The Zones is an after-school and summer youth enrichment program based in Santa Rosa. We provide students from ages 5-18 with a high-impact curriculum and state-of-the-art creative outlets during critical non-school hours. Our newly remodeled, dynamic space is designed to empower kids to pursue their talents, develop their skills, and explore new experiences.

Creative Arts Zone

The Creative Arts Zone provides members with resources and classes they might not have access to in school. We give young people the chance to paint, act, dance, play music, and craft whatever their imaginations cook up.

Academic Zone

We believe learning should be fun! That’s why we encourage hands-on activities like 3D printing, filmmaking, robotics, and more. Our proven ZIP (Zone In Program) provides homework help and one-on-one tutoring with accredited volunteers to boost academic performance and improve classroom engagement.

Athletics Zone

With a focus on sportsmanship and fun, we help young people lay the foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle.The Athletic Zone includes uncommon sports like pickleball, indoor hockey, and rock climbing, as well as several sports leagues and camps throughout the year.

Health & Wellness Zone

In addition to exercise and nutrition, our Health & Wellness Zone offers educational and engaging programs on topics like mental health, acupressure, dental screenings, hands-only CPR, and many, many more.

Life Skills & Workforce Zone

We empower members to become productive, engaged citizens, no matter where life takes them. Our programs are designed to promote social-emotional learning, problem-solving, and effective communication – all of which promote mental well-being, prepare students for the workplace, and inspire competence in young people.

The coding program is really cool. I thought it would be hard to make my own game, but I've learned how.
Kaycie, age 10

Who We Are

We are teachers, parents, mentors, and lifelong learners. We tap into our seven decades of youth development experience to ensure that our community’s young people can go on to become the artists, athletes, young geniuses, and future leaders we know they are.